KinRan is the one and only Karate association of Maastricht. We're a small association where our main focus is Shotokan Karate, but any other influences and styles are of course welcome!!

New to Karate?

No problem at all! Due to our specific training, anybody can join in for a training to strive for the perfect execution of each technique, perseverance and self control.
That way our training's are both for beginners and advanced practitioners, men and woman, old and young.

KinRan Student association 

Besides the training's look for our email and blogs about activities we do with the association. For a small fee, you can join the association as an active member and get invited to our activities like going out, parties, movie nights, constitution drinks and sushi nights!!! We also organize karate activities like games, seminars and belt exams!

This year the contribution fee is set at €40,- for the whole year. For exchange students we also offer half-year memberships at a reduced price. Important to know is that you need to have a UM Sportsmembership in order to be allowed access to out training facility.

Interested? Drop on by on Monday during the training's to have a talk with the board members or email us at skvmkinran@gmail.com and find us on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SKVMKinran