zaterdag 24 september 2011

First Activity of the year!

Hello all!

After some weeks in Maastricht, getting to know the city and integrating, it is time that we also organize some introductory activities. You're all welcome to join us at the Pancake night!

Lots of fun, lots of food; what more do you need to have a fun evening? During this fun filled evening you'll meet the members of Kinran and learn about their cooking skills, their knowledge of karate and their knowledge of the student life in Maastricht. An activity like this will show you how studying, karate and fun is combined into one sportsassociation called Kinran.
At 19:00 the door at Joseph Hollmanstraat 49b is open for anyone who wants to join us for some delicious pancakes. Be sure NOT to eat beforehand. If your attending and you're allergic to something that might be used, make sure we know, so you will leave as healthy as you arrive.

PS: check also our brand new facebook page:
For more information and get connected, just like SKVM Kinran on Facebook!

See you all soon,

The Kinran Board

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