dinsdag 5 november 2013


Ladies and gentleman,

I am pleased to announce that we are getting a new extra training day on THURSDAY'S
Yes! That means we have an extra karate training day on Thursdays

For those of you who didn't know, we we're trying to get this extra training day for a couple of different reasons. For one, to give the each and every member the opportunity to train alongside each other and learn different styles and techniques then what we learn on the conventional trainings on Monday. We will also offer the possibilities for sparring, contact trainings and conditioning of karate styles. So it'll definitely be a fun idea to come and check it out. It'll be different than the Monday trainings, but will definitely benefit your techniques and style!

However, to join these trainings, it is important that you are a full member of KinRan! That means you'll have to pay the small small contribution fee of 36 Euros!

The first training (Thursday 14 November) will be free to all members, even if their not a full member.

See you guys next training!
- Saiyd

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