maandag 1 september 2014

Starting Up

In about half an hour the first Monday training will commence. As of this year, we start at 19.00 and train untill 20.30. It takes place in the Beige Hall in Sportcentre Randwyck. Remember that you have to buy a UM Sportscard during the next few weeks, because you can't enter practices from October on without one.
The second training in the week takes place on Wednesdays, from 21.00 till 22.30. The location is also the sportcentre, but this time we train in the Dojo at the long end of the dressingrooms. This is usually for members only, but for the first few weeks non-members can also come.

So remember the trainingtimes and make sure you get a UM-sportscard. You can buy it at the counter or find your way to the webshop.
Also, we try to update our facebook page regularly. So check it out at

We hope to see you all soon,
The board

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